Fiona Sand


 fionaThe founder of Norwegian Poker girls(820 members) and European Poker girls (1100 members) And Let's Go Poker (4k members in each groups) 

I have played poker for 13 years and I love mixed games. Started in New York when I lived there trying to become a rock star/writer. 

When that diden't work out the way I wanted, I started a photo studio, got married (for a green card) and after 4 years I moved back home to Norway to do normal stuff. I became a teacher, got my son and bought a house. To me this is waaay too normal so thank God I have poker. I have been writing about poker for 5 years and traveling in Europe to find underground poker. I have also tryed to get more girls to play and Im proud to say that Norway has over 800 girls playes. Norwegian poker players are the best in the word I think, even tho poker is illegal for most of the year.   Can't wait to see what we can do together  <3 .  FI