Bay Haught

Houston, TX

bayI have been playing poker competitively since 2003. I come from a family of female poker players beginning with my Grandmother followed by my Mother "Dede". I seem to have come by it naturally loving various games and having "card sense". When on-line poker was legal in Texas I would play low entry games working my way up to the larger entry games. To my surprise I won an entry to the 10k WSOP Main Event and was hooked ever since. Not cashing in Main Event gave me a reality check that winning in competitive poker was much more than "card sense". As a result I began to study poker through a variety of books and play more live games.

While vacationing in Las Vegas I had the good fortune of meeting fellow Texan Ruth Hall who was attending a Lips event. Honestly Ruth took me by the hand and lead me across the casino and introduced me to Lupe Soto who immediately welcomed me to the community of women's poker through Lips. I feel so fortunate to have met so many wonderful Ladies through Lips. Blessed am I!

My main love in life is with the Man that I married, David Haught. Most of the ladies have met David who is a long tall Texan with a personality to match. My children Amanda and Christopher are the blessings that have been the result of a 43 year marriage. Now, the true light in my eyes are my three grandchildren David, Ally and Wyatt. I suppose that needs no explanation since so many of you have children and grandchildren yourselves. I am also blessed to still have my Mother "Dede" who is 90 years old!!! So many of the ladies know her through Lips and also being a former member of the Austin Hotties. I currently play in the Houston Hotties and again have cherished friends through Ladies Poker.

Thank you Lupe and Ruth who have opened up a World of great friends. I appreciate your interest in inviting me to be a WPA Advocate and opening up my World even more to the wonderful women who share a common passion in poker.